Investor Testimonials

Positive Feedback from Our Investors

" This is really the right way to do it. You go in, do all the renovations at the beginning, adding a tremendous amount of value in that very first year. I will continue to invest in all of your projects! "
Scott R. Simpson, Retired Real Estate Investor & Boeing Engineer 
Invested in three Plus One projects to Date

" Oh my Gosh! I am so impressed with EVERYTHING! What you do is really so amazing! I can't wait to invest in your next deal. "
Wendy Ceccherelli, Active Full Time Real Estate Investor
Invested in one Plus One project to Date

" With Jeremy's expertise in real estate and the track record we have investing together, I would recommend Jeremy to anyone. We have made money on every deal we have done together."
Brian Farris, Real Estate Developer
Invested in five projects with Jeremy to Date

" I love making money in real estate without having to be involved with it! I am a cautious investor but have grown to feel comfortable with the level of expertise and reliability of Plus One Properties .They seem to have a successful formula of for profiting in real estate. My confidence in them grows with each project. The lack of stress on my part in dealing with tenant rent-ups, rehab, and acquiring properties is a welcome change for me. "
Shauna Levine, Retired Commercial Real Estate Broker
Invested in two projects to date

"I invested in a Plus One project in July 2007, at the peak of the real estate market right before the financial crisis hit and real estate values dropped.  We completed the sale of that property after just a two year hold, in September 2009.  Since Jeremy and Casey created so much added value to the project with their Plus One Concept, I still made a great return on my investment despite all that was going on in the real estate market.  If Plus One Properties can deliver such a solid investment return in that kind of economic environment, I can't even imagine how well we will do in the future!"
Brad Bourgette, Bourgette Construction
Invested in one project to date

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